Trotting content

Horse racing has been a key part of the betting community for hundreds of years. In 2008, it generated a massive $115 Billion worldwide and a large amount of that revenue was, and continues to be, generated by Trotting.
Trot racing, also known as Harness racing, is particularly popular throughout Continental Europe, Scandinavia, Canada and the USA. People have been able to bet on trot racing for hundreds of years by going to the track and placing bets with track-side bookies or going to their local betting shop and placing their bets there. However, since the explosion of the internet, a large percentage of trot racing bets are now placed online. Due to the demand for betting on trot racing, there are hundreds of different online gambling sites that provide customers with the opportunity to bet with them. This means that if you want trot racing customers to bet on your website then you need to provide outstanding trotting content and All-In Translations can help!

How do I provide Trotting Content in a variety of languages?

As with lots of sports, trot racing is in demand in various countries throughout the world. This means that people who want to bet on trot racing do not all speak the same language but a variety of different languages including French, Swedish, English and many more. Not only does the language differ throughout the countries where trot racing is popular, but so does the style and rules of trotting. This means that you need to offer relevant trotting content in a suitable language to attract customers from a specific geographical location.
All-In Translations have a a dedicated team of native speakers from different countries from all over the world. Our copywriters have worked within the online gaming industry for a number of years and have experience in working with numerous big and small players from within the industry. We have a clear understanding of the impact that interesting, relevant content has on SEO and we can provide trotting content in lots of different languages that will help customers find your website before they find your competitors!

Why should I choose All-In Translations to provide the trotting content for my website?

Companies that provide with well-written, keyword rich content for their websites see a huge difference in traffic and customer conversions compared to companies who choose to allow substandard content on their websites. All-In Translations can help give your trotting website the edge that is needed to gain customers in the competitive trot racing market. With our vast experience working within the online gambling industry, we can offer multilingual trotting content that will boost your Google rankings and attract customers to bet with you!