Angela Salvado

Operations Manager

Not your typical straight flush. But a winning choice by far.


Roy Pedersen


No can do? What's that? A place near Kathmandu? Meet me halfway, mate. Founder of the company, now managing our events and videos.


Tiago Aprigio


Your helluva James with no Bonds. Natural leader, public speaker, occasional streaker.

Sebastian Delsinger

Sebastian Delsinger

Head of Sales

He loves doing business as much as he loves a good football match. Meet the one and only employee who lifted up the All-in Global's SiGMA football trophy!

Mark O'Byrne

Mark O'Byrne

Business Development Executive

Passionate salesperson with the gift of the gab. Lover of all things sports related and ketchup addict.


Eolo Barilari

HR Manager

He'll seek you, track you, and HIRE you. Unless he is busy being a party animal at a pool party somewhere.

Luís Azevedo - Vendor Manager at All-in Global

Luís Azevedo

Vendor Manager

Filmgoer, rock'n'roller, on a mission to make everybody's job easier. He's our Vendor Manager - always ready to discuss your onboarding!

Jose Uribe - Head of Innovation at All-in Global

Jose Uribe

Head of Innovation

Card-carrying innovator who’s getting his inspiration from breath-holding in deep waters.


Isabel Alves

Head of Quality Assurance

Isabel holds the position of Head of Quality Assurance, making sure that all our translations are of high quality and up to industry standards. Her daily job consists of spotting and fixing all types of errors, from terminology inconsistencies to typos and punctuation mistakes. In addition to that, the QA Department performs frequent assessments of translators and revisers in order to ensure that we are only working with the best language professionals in the field. Isabel earned an MA in Translation Studies from the University of Porto. She is crazy about cats and commas in the right spots, but not necessarily in that order.

Jose Uribe - Head of Innovation at All-in Global

Jose Uribe

Head of Innovation

Card-carrying innovator who’s getting his inspiration from breath-holding in deep waters.

Ioanna Santos

Ioanna Manousiadou Santos

Head of Accounting

A dedicated mum-of-two with a penchant for numbers.

Rodrigo Dias

Rodrigo Dias

Project Manager, Tech Development

Problem-solving powerhouse. Always with a pun up his sleeve. Has the longest title in the company: Project Manager & Technical Development and Support.


Inês Gomes

Senior Project Manager

A true Potterhead with a soft spot for cats and libraries. Highly allergic to chaos.


Manuel Portal

Senior Project Manager

Self-made polyglot who sold his soul to the quirky God of Football.

Ana Dinis - Project Manager

Ana Dinis

QA Manager

Crossfitter with a keen eye for detail and more organised than a Jesuit's study.

Ana Pereira - QA Manager at All-in Global

Ana Pereira

QA Manager

A former football striker turned QA Manager. Ana is now ready to score for the QA Department to ensure winning projects.


Rui Guimarães

PM Team Leader

A project manager who can manage to manage anything and everything that needs to be managed. It’s what we call a “soccer” for management.


Tamara Coelho

Project Manager

Motivated and whimsical busy little bee with a go-getter attitude.

Juliana Badin - Project Manager at All-in Global

Juliana Badin

Project Manager

Crazy cat lady, powered by coffee, cheese, memes and music. Always ready to help and get the inbox empty.


Valentin Stanga

Content Manager

A goddamn son of a pun. With a background in Political Science, Valentin has been running our Content Department's day-to-day operations since early 2015. His affable nature, coupled with a keen sense for literature and the ability to multitask quickly gained us a loyal clientele from all across the gaming industry. Currently, Valentin is coordinating a pool of 200 copywriting professionals with ranges of expertise such as iGaming, sports betting, FinTech and esports. Together, they create multilingual content that engages, educates and draws global and local audiences closer to the brands we service.