Social game localization

In order to successfully perform social game localization, there are different aspects that are to be considered during the planning process:

  • Linguistic and cultural
  • Hardware and software
  • Legal differences
  • Graphics identity
  • Music

At All-in Translations, we specialize in the linguistic and cultural adaptation of social games in more than 60 languages with a translations team of more than 150. At the same time, we remain faithful to the holy trinity of social games localization: quality, speed and low cost.

Successful social game localization

It is common these days to see the quality of social games texts being compromised for faster deliveries and lower costs. This does not have to be the case. Let us explain how you can speed up the process and keep the costs down, while maintaining high quality standards.

The professional translators of All-In Translations are native speakers with true enthusiasm for social games. Being familiar with online gaming environments, and being players themselves gives them an extra advantage. They are much better equipped than the average translator to convey the meaning that was originally intended. And they can do it faster.

Tools used in social game localization

Our translators have a deep understanding of social gaming. They are also expert users of the most sophisticated translation tools on the market, which are used when working on projects assigned to them from All-In Translations.

Consistency, which is a prerequisite for quality, is maintained throughout any given game and language with the aid of our technologically advanced translation systems. Also, preferred glossaries per language and game can be integrated into our systems and/or created from scratch.
A turnaround of 24 hours is guaranteed for up to 1500 words per language. Plus, for urgent subsequent localization orders, we do our utmost to deliver within a few hours upon request. All this comes at no extra charge, and with no minimum fees. We will handle all your requests, no matter the size of the order or the specified delivery time, at the same price as per our initial agreement.

Involving translators early in the process

Something to consider. The translators are quite often the last ones to be involved in the social game localization process. Hardware and software programs are in place, legal issues have been considered, the graphics have been designed and set, and the music has been decided. Then the translators will receive the source text of the English version of the game, and usually just the text, with the request to localize it.

This can result in many issues that are difficult to tackle. As an example, the English words are often shorter than most of the other European ones, and the localized text might not fit within the allocated space. Or the translated phrases might simply overlap with a game character that is already designed to be in a specific position within the game. Or the syntax of certain phrases such as “10 bonus rounds remain” is coded to follow the same format for all languages, with the number being first.
This means that since the hard coding is done and the graphics are in place, the text is the only aspect deemed to be alterable and may possibly suffer in the process. Abbreviations have to be used, words need to be cut down in the middle, the syntax is wrong, the target text has to differ from the source text in order to fit in, and so on.

Gaming localization and stylistic preferences

It is important to acknowledge that the misuse of the language can compromise the social gaming experience of the player. Our opinion is that the translations team should be involved early on in the social game localization process, and always be granted access to a demo version of the game. Feedback should be welcomed and taken into consideration at an early stage, when changes are feasible with minimal cost.
To conclude, a good understanding of the game from a player’s perspective and of the key customer’s objectives are vital for a localized product that meets expectations in terms of speed, quality and cost. At All-in Translations, we strive for clear communication and guidelines and we ask all our customers to fill in their stylistic preference. This will ensure that the customer’s social game localization will be tailored to their preferences.