Newsletter content

We’ve all heard the saying; “Content is King!” and second to the content of your website is your email newsletter content that your customers receive. Generating successful newsletter content is a difficult game. Some people call it a science. There are many different factors that contribute to a strong and successful email newsletter. The first one is the subject line.
Why would you open an email with a dull subject line? Simple, you wouldn’t. So do not expect your customer to open one either. Spend time with your marketing team to brainstorm new and exciting subject lines and then out them to the test to see which one works best. Good subject lines = good open rates, and that’s the first step of good newsletter content. For years people have been sending out newsletters to our homes via the national postal service, but on the Internet there are many tricks to this old marketing dog. We can track how many people actually received our newsletters, how many opened them, what time of day they opened them, how many downloaded the images, how many clicked through to your website, etc. And all these factors can tell you in a flash how good your website content is!

Top mistakes made when creating newsletter content

Number one on the top of this list of crazy errors is laziness. If you think for a second that you can get away with copying and pasting the content from your promotions page and flying it out the door, you are way wrong my friend! People read website content much more intensely than newsletter content. We all have access to our email on our smart phones, so if you want to ensure your newsletters are a success, they need to be punchy and straight to the point. Get the main selling points across straight away and ensure the call to action button is screaming at them to click!

The second one on this list is imagery. Nowadays, we all expect to see a nice, flashy, attention grabbing image at the top of the newsletters we receive. And if we don’t, we switch off immediately! Work closely with your design team to ensure the images you send out are equally eye-popping as the textual content.

And if it doesn’t work – change it and try again!

Why should I use All-Translations for my newsletter content?

Our team is made up of the very best marketing and communications professionals from the world’s most fast paced and exciting industries! We are mindful and creative and we always make sure that every single client receives the best possible newsletter content on every project we work on.

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