Lottery translation

One of the newest and most exciting products on the iGaming market is online lottery, and with that has come a huge demand for lottery translation services. Many people see it as the last frontier to be explored within the industry, and rightly so.

Statistics show that over 75% of European adults regularly play their state-run lottery, yet only 5% of these ticket sales are made online. Not only does this provide a huge opportunity for iGaming companies to capitalize on, it also means there is a huge need for translation services in the online lottery sales market.

Lottery translation in 60+ languages

At All-In Translations, we offer lottery translation in all major, and some minor, languages. You can see the complete list here. Italy has the largest lottery sales within Europe, but a large number of UK residents and other European countries are also excited about playing in lotteries from other countries.

On top of that, many people look to play the lottery online via ticket re-sellers. These sites offer a number of lotteries in one place, which have almost all been translated in the most popular European languages. So, if you are looking to break into the online lottery market, you will need our help to ensure your lottery site is translated to the highest standards of accuracy and professionalism, and so to make certain that everybody is able to play.

All-In Translations is based in Malta. Here you can also find the respected Malta Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA), which is the reason why so many companies offering online lottery come to Malta in the first place.

Is lottery translation really necessary?

The main goal of lottery translation is to ensure the customer gets enough info on the game play instructions page in their native speaking language. Due to the fact that there are now numerous types of lottery games available online, it is of utter importance that your customers know exactly how they can play and win on the lottery games that you are offering.

All-In Translations has worked with a number of lottery web sites before, and we have been asked to make sure that the lottery translation of the “game play” and “about us” page are up to scratch, as this also adds to the trust factor when entering the online lottery industry market.
When you are talking about jackpots in excess of 1 million Euros, you need to ensure that not only does your site galvanize the player; it should also showcase trust and professionalism. We are happy to advise when asked.

Why us for your lottery translation?

As online lottery is a fairly new addition to the iGaming market, you would be surprised to know that not only have we worked with lottery translations, but some members of our team have worked in the online lottery business for years.
This means that not only can we provide a top-class lottery translation service, but we can also do this in a professional and reliable manner.
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