Online Lottery localization

Online lottery is one of the most enjoyable types of gambling in the world and a mammoth business globally. There are many countries out there where online lottery is even more popular than sports betting or traditional casino games. This made it inevitable for the biggest lottery brands in the industry to consider translating their sites into more languages. But even lottery translation is more than just a thorough linguistic transfer. Cultural background and industry-specific expertise must figure into the equation as well.

The Importance of Localized Lottery Content

Imagine you are providing online lottery games and you are planning to launch your business in different corners of the globe. If so, an immediate question pops up:

How to adapt my lottery content according to the language and cultural characteristics of the target audience?

This is where localization comes in. Going beyond translation, lottery localization is a process that involves linguistic proficiency, socio-cultural awareness, gaming expertise, and market research. All these skills and tools must work together to ensure that ads and informational materials are translated accurately and effectively for an entire target region.

But what can go wrong without this whole localization package? Here are two things to consider if you’re in doubt of whether or not lottery localization is a winning idea:

  • An “unlocalized” translation will likely fail to make the lottery material sound familiar in the language you are translating into. And this means you are jeopardizing your brand in how local players will perceive it.
  • Without localizing your content, you risk inconsistencies in the rendering of lottery terminology. This will undoubtedly create frustration, especially for experienced lotto players, but also for the casual or new customer. In the end, they all expect to clearly understand how they can play and win on the lottery games that you are offering.

So, local-oriented strategies are essential, translation itself being only one part of this complex task called ‘localization’. What’s next is to choose who’s going to localize your lottery web content.

All-In for your lottery localization

Since 2008, All-In Translations has been providing high quality translation and localization services to iGaming operators and affiliate programs all over the world. During these years, we have assembled a team of young professional translators from different linguistic backgrounds, specialized in translations and market studies for the gaming industry. They are all fit and ready to create a localized version of your lottery web content that will instantly grab attention and engage local customers. A large number of our translators have already worked for lottery platforms and operators like Multilotto.com, Tribelotto.com, PlayEuroLotto.com and EuroLotto.com to ensure their visibility and recognition globally.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to talk about how All-In can make your online lottery brand multilingual. Get in touch and we will help spread your games on all six continents!