Horse racing translation

Horse racing is one of the most lucrative and predominant markets in any iGaming portfolio of betting services. It generates a vast amount of liquidity and is constantly sought after by punters across the globe and, in the process, draws interest from some of the wealthiest people. It is a thoroughly researched market and the variables involved make for a very exciting sport, making horse racing translations a key factor.
Throughout the year, some of the most significant and watched events in sport are that of horse racing. Take for example The Royal Ascot, The Dubai Cup, The Melbourne Cup and The Kentucky Derby. These events alone generate a wealth of attention, punters and revenue that will make any iGaming company salivate at the idea of cashing in on the largest portion of the market possible. Luckily for you, we have our horse racing translation service available in 60+ languages, including all the major Asian languages.

The masses are out to gamble and you require the right horse racing translation to attract as many customers as you can.

This is where we come in and help make your company attractive to clients from all different types of cultures and countries, which gamble on these events, many of whom bet on a daily basis. From America to Australia, Dubai to the UK, the punters are legion and the languages, many. Therefore, let us translate your horse racing material to suit all types, and allow us to speak your language to each nation in the same confident manner.

Why gamble on horse racing translations?

A mammoth event is coming up in the Horse Racing community. You wish to capitalize on this tremendous market and for months you have prepared your systems to handle and service the resulting demand of punters coming your way. Only then you realize that, you are not the only ones trying to do so. In fact, you are one drop in an ocean of options that is presented to the customer leading up to race day.
So how can horse racing translations help you capture a larger portion of the market? Simple. We use our experienced and passionate horse racing translators to re-write the message you are trying to portray in any other chosen language. This results in translations that mimic well-written articles and clever text rather than a robotic message that attracts very little attention.
Moreover, we employ translation tools which ensure your message is conveyed as you intended it, thus making your marketing drive and the content on your site more appealing to the foreign market you are trying to capture. So why gamble and take risks when you cannot possibly afford to miss the consistency of horse-racing customers?
Leave the gambling to your customers. It is instead our goal to work together with you in attaining and retaining their undivided attention without taking any chances. It is our mission to make the consumer feel welcome and comfortable, as you would a guest at your own home. Our goal is to make them feel that a multinational company is, in fact, as homely as their favourite local website, rather than an automated system of disengaged text and undertones.

Our horse racing translation success

Our work can speak for itself, and our client list reflects some of the best names in the business. We are an elite group of individuals with the right set of skills who will help your business translate your language to the masses as you intended it.
Nothing is more welcoming to a consumer than familiarity, and this is what we concentrate all our attention on. We manage to make your everyday foreign customer feel as though they have landed on a local webpage, which in turn builds trust, appreciation and a return of business.
The horse racing translations we offer are familiar and home-bred by native speakers who understand perfectly the message you are trying to convey. Request a quote or contact us today to learn more of our horse racing translation service and how we can help your business grow into the business you want it to be – a multinational brand with a strong footing in a large number of countries around the globe.