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Searching for podcasts to understand AI? We did the groundwork for you. Here are our top 5 picks.

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do at All-in Global, and we’re constantly integrating the latest technology to enhance our services. Back in 2020, we developed the first translation engine for iGaming. In February 2024, we took a significant step forward with CRAIG – an AI engine specifically trained for iGaming and customized to the unique needs and terminology of each client.

The world of AI is evolving rapidly and impacts almost every aspect of our daily lives. From social media using it to target content and fight inappropriate posts and comments to chatbots assisting with customer queries on apps and websites, and the familiar voices of Siri and other virtual assistants guiding us through our day-to-day tasks. It’s everywhere – from smart homes to self-driving cars, making our lives easier and more convenient.

AI isn’t just about convenience; it’s also a significant time-saver, especially when it comes to handling repetitive tasks. At All-in Global, we believe in the power of collaboration, blending human expertise with technological superpowers for the best results. Our AI+Human translation service is a perfect example. We use AI translation engines that were trained and adapted with our over 15 years of experience in iGaming and combine them with post-editing by our native-speaking-industry-expert linguists. To add an extra risk-reduction layer, our team conducts QA, which includes consistency, grammar, spelling, and terminology to ensure top-notch quality.

But with all these transformative changes happening around us, how do we navigate them without feeling overwhelmed? Staying informed is the key. To help you delve deeper into the field, we’ve compiled a list of AI-focused podcasts that can expand your understanding and keep you in the loop with the latest trends.

1. The AI Podcast by Nvidia

A podcast by the #1 company in today’s conversations about AI. In the early 90s, Nvidia was known for designing specific programmable chips for video games. Today, their hardware powers Tesla cars, and their chip, introduced in 2023, has become a cornerstone in AI technology. With over 10,000 of these chips used to train ChatGPT and widespread adoption by tech giants like Amazon and Google, Nvidia’s revenue soared by 265% in just a year, bringing the company’s value to over $2 trillion.

Looks like an impressive background in the field. So, what’s their podcast about?

Noah Kravitz, a journalist with a long-time tech background, speaks with biologists, astrophysics researchers, data scientists, and tech company managers about the global impact of AI on our world.

The episode that caught our attention features Yves Jacquier, the executive director of Ubisoft La Forge. It’s the first lab in the gaming industry focused on academic research. Bringing together industry experts and academics, Ubisoft La Forge aims to enhance gaming experiences. Yves shares insights on how generative AI transforms the gaming world, opening up endless possibilities for more immersive experiences.

2. The AI Breakdown

Hosted by Nathaniel Whittemore, an independent strategy and communications consultant for leading crypto companies, The AI Breakdown is a daily show with quick updates on the latest news and discussions about AI.

Nathaniel looks at AI from economic, ethical, and philosophical angles in bite-sized episodes, perfect for staying up-to-date with recent industry developments.

For those concerned about AI replacing jobs, we recommend “The Surprising Reason AI Won’t Steal Your Job” episode. It covers the recent MIT study revealing that only 23% of jobs that could potentially be automated have economically viable reasons to do so.

3. Lex Fridman Podcast

You’ve likely heard about this widely popular podcast. Lex Fridman, a computer scientist and artificial intelligence researcher at MIT, engages in deep conversations with prominent figures across a diverse range of fields, including science, technology, history, and politics.

Fridman sits down with big names like Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Jimmy Wales, Kanye West, and Sam Altman. Notably, with the latter, he has two interviews – before and after he was fired and rehired by OpenAI.

Some episodes last up to 6 hours, so grab a comfy spot and prepare for insights from the most influential figures in the tech world.

4. Practical AI

True to its name, the show explores how artificial intelligence is applied in everyday life. Hosts Daniel Whitenack and Chris Benson discuss with experts, tech company co-founders, and students where machine learning, deep learning, neural networks, vector databases, and LLMs are being used in real-world scenarios.

In the episode “Machine Learning at Small Organizations,” they talk with Kirsten Lum, a lecturer at the University of Washington and CTO at the data science platform Storytellers. Kirsten shares insights into the challenges faced by small organizations in adopting machine learning and highlights the success stories of those who have successfully adopted ML practices.

This podcast will be interesting for those working in AI, aspiring to enter the field, or just curious about how AI technologies are changing our world. With their motto of “Making artificial intelligence practical, productive, and accessible to everyone,” Practical AI aims to demystify the complexities of AI.

5. Bot Love

A bonus track. This podcast takes a look at AI from a completely different perspective. Bot Love by Radiotopia explores personal relationships between humans and AI chatbots and the role they can play in people’s mental health.

Over seven episodes, you’ll hear real-life stories of individuals who have developed deep emotional bonds with AI companions. Some have made new friends with chatbots, while others have built romantic relationships with virtual partners. For some, chatbots serve as tools for managing mental health issues or as a means of coping with grief by creating bots based on the memories of lost loved ones.

Many of the people you hear in this podcast have used Replika, an AI-based chatbot that mimics human conversations. With this app, people can create a personalized character that adapts to their emotional needs and chat with it endlessly. The paid version allows users to craft a bot according to their specific needs and preferences. (See the parallels with our CRAIG?😅).

Hosted by reporters Anna Oakes and Diego Senior, this podcast raises thought-provoking questions about the future of human-bot interactions and whether these kinds of attachments are healthy for those involved.

At All-in Global, we use AI responsibly. Our CRAIG adapts to your specific needs and terminology, providing customized and instant translations of iGaming content in more than 30 languages 24/7/365. Curious to learn more? Book your free demo here or drop a message to salesteam@all-in.global.



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