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8 lucky people have been selected among millions of applicants for the first ever civilian mission to the moon. The CEO of All-in Global, Tiago Aprigio, was confirmed as one of them on Thursday.

Dear Moon is a project led by Elon Musk where the SpaceX rocket will embark on a one-week unforgettable journey to the Moon and back, in 2023. Japanese entrepreneur Yusaku Maezawa bought all the seats in 2018 and started an open application process where 8 exceptionally talented people from around the world would be selected. The names were released this Thursday and Tiago Aprigio from All-in Global, the number 1 language service provider for the iGaming industry, was among “the great 8”. We managed to ask the Portuguese soon-to-be space man a few questions just after the news broke.

Screen capture from the dearmoon.earth website. As you can see the application process is now closed.

Why do you think they selected you among millions of applicants?

“From my understanding it was largely because of my background working with languages. Everyone in the crew speak English, but with 8 different mother tongues the jury at Spacetoday Inc. emphasised my experience working with multilingual communication. The devil is obviously in the detail on a mission like this, and a mistranslation could potentially have fatal consequences” – Aprigio commented.

The crew of All-in Global will be standing by on the ground during the whole mission, ready to assist with translations and interpreting when needed. Their services are available in more than 80 languages but of course, you never know what to expect out there.

Other media has speculated that your peculiar cat had something to do with the selection. Do you care to comment?

“My contract specifically states that I cannot comment on this matter”, – Aprigio added.

The speculations evolve around the alien-like appearance of Aprigio’s cat named Calvin. With space travel, you never know what to expect, and if the expedition runs into an undiscovered life form it is not unlikely that they will feel less intimidated by Calvin compared to humans wearing space suits.

All-in Global CEO and his cat Calvin

What will be the first thing you’ll do when you arrive at the Moon?

“That question keeps on popping up in my mind. How is it going to be to step foot on the moon? I think I’m too excited to plan my first move right now. I’ll go with the flow, enjoy the moment, probably look at earth and admire its beauty.

I think it will feel like an out of body experience and I’ll be seeing us from above. Have you watched “behind her eyes” on Netflix? That is how surreal this whole trip feels to me.”

Aprigio’s wife Joanna heads up the accounting at All-in Global. We asked her how she reacted to the big news?


“This is a galactic pile of bullshit! I cannot believe he is leaving me home alone to run off on some wild adventure. It’s not like he will be the first person on the moon or something like that. He cannot even do the dishes at home, and now he will be in charge of the communication on a space trip for random cowboys? Pffff. The moment he comes back I will leave on a two-week holiday in the Maldives. The alien cat can stay with Tiago!” – Joanna commented.

What will you be packing for this trip, Tiago?

“I’m secretly taking a photo of a Shiba Inu and I’ll be the first one (literally) taking Dogecoin to the moon. I will also bring pictures of my 2 kids, a deck of cards and a set of poker chips specifically designed for space travel. I have done a background check on the other crew members and I feel confident that I will have an edge once we get the poker table installed in the Tycho crater. I plan to be the first human to pull off a poker bluff on another planet. If the plan backfires I can always try to outsmart them with my patented gravity-proof roulette wheel. The green zero has a picture of an alien on it” – Aprigio revealed.

How are you preparing Calvin?

“To be honest we have spoiled him lately and he has developed a bit of a belly. But after we put him on a new diet and exercising program developed by the SPACE X he is starting to get super ripped! I’ve never seen a cat with a six pack before.”

Do you think this trip will impact your perspective on the future of translations?

“At All-in Global we’ve always taken into account the culture behind different languages and always resorted to native speakers to convey meaning from one language to another. I think this trip will further manifest my understanding that we are a tiny little piece in the universe and there’s so much yet to discover. I think technology will be vital for us to communicate with other life forms that we don’t yet know. We are specialized in iGaming, sports, esports,  sports betting and fintech, but we gladly welcome space travel as an additional sector in the future.

Our aim is to provide absolute prime quality content and translations with fast turnaround times and excellent cost efficiency. Over the past year we’ve been developing something that will revolutionize iGaming localization as we know it. Watch this space for more about this… before my trip to the moon!”

At All-in Global we are very proud of our aspiring astronaut and we wish Tiago best of luck!

WRITTEN BY:Roy Pedersen