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SuperNova Esports Tournament in Malta

All-in Translations CEO Tiago Aprigio talks to the event organiser Nicolai Gauci about his plans for esports on the island.

When Counter Strike with your mates goes PRO and the cash prize pool is a roaring $150,000 – you know there’s something to read on about… we recently saw the end of a mega event take place on Maltese shores. We’re referring to none other than the Supernova CS:GO Malta – a grand Pro esports tournament that was recorded as the biggest of its kind to date in Malta. It took place at the InterContinental Arena in St Julian’s from the 29th November till the 2nd December.

Throughout the event, a number of elite teams such as Kinguin, Virtus.Pro, Tyloo and Gambit and Hell Raisers competed in the 8 teams tournament. Third place went to the German team, Big. Runners up NRG was headed by IMAPET, the American Counter-Strike Global Offensive analyst and coach who were taken down a peg by champions Liquid from the USA who took home the prize pool of $150,000.

While the teams working towards Xbox or PS perfection go through vigorous training to get to their level of performance; there’s also a bundle of info to get your hands on when understanding the esports sector. How does this fit in to the iGaming industry in Malta?

All-in Translations CEO Tiago Aprigio attended the event to discuss the future of the esports gaming scene and industry on the island with Nicolai Gauci the CEO of Quickfire, an online community of gamers who come up with new bold ideas in the esports industry. Nicolai’s involvement in Supernova was huge – he organised the event and is working hard to give Malta the exposure it needs to help the industry grow. Apart from the overall success of the event, Nicolai shared that “this is like a learning curve for Quickfire – to keep on producing more of these events here in Malta.”

As the industry grows so does esports’ connection with the betting industry. CEO Tiago Aprigio commented that gaming has been around since the 70s, with arcade games, consoles and home PCs creating opportunities for gamers to play their favourite games with the click of a button, with the perspective of massive growth in coming years and the potential for betting to find its way into the industry. Nicolai commented, “Betting is everywhere, we work closely with betting and betting companies,” he also added that this new vertical is made up of a totally different community of gamers who are interested in “building loyalty with betting companies” and service providers such as All-in Translations. Supernova created the opportunity for a whole new niche to enter the market; giving Malta a new title as the esports island.

As Malta is fast becoming the top Gaming destination in the world and with esports taking flight so steadily and swifty, the hosting of this tournament was paramount to the local industry’s growth. November is synonymous with SiGMA in Malta, the self-proclaimed (and rightly justified) ‘quintessential iGaming destination’ on the island with events focused around networking, in-person exchanges with the latest outreach systems on the island. These two assets go hand in hand – the esports industry is growing and Malta’s iGaming presence is on the rise so it totally makes sense for the online gaming experts at All-in Translations to rub their hands together in utter delight.

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