Sportsbook localization

Why are All-In Translations chosen for sportsbook localization over and over again by some of the biggest sportsbook operators in the market? According to Tipico, the biggest sportsbook in Germany, All-In Translations was an obvious choice.

Tipico operates betting shops predominantly in Germany, but have also started to build betting shops in other countries e.g. in Denmark. The German sportsbook giant have also started to increase their online presence, and we are doing the localization of Tipico’s sportsbook material both online and for their traditional high street betting shops. Currently we are working together with 10 languages, but we offer sportsbook localization in 60+ languages.

Sportsbook subject expertise

When it comes to sportsbook localization, our subject expertise is usually emphasized when our clients explain why we are their number one choice. This goes for smaller operators as well, such asĀ Betdog, which is a free accounting and analysing tool for sports bettors. All-In Translations localized this sportsbook support software into French, Swedish, Spanish and German. Founder Stian Flage was happy with the result.

In addition to subject expertise, we would like to point out the competence of our home team. Our project managers have all the accreditations they need to work in theĀ language services industry and they are the drivers behind the sportsbook localization process. They make sure that all the information and tools needed to ensure a precise and attractive result are available to the sportsbook localization professionals.

Basic principles of good service

We have some basic principles in place in order to ensure flexibility and a high level of service. We know that this is also something highly appreciated by the clients who order sportsbook localization from us.

  • No minimum fees
  • 24 hour turnaround
  • No urgency fees
  • Ability to handle pretty much any format

If you are thinking about hiring someone for sportsbook localization, we recommend that you take a safe bet with All-In Translations in order to avoid re-work, and ensure a precise language which will be attractive for all your customers. So give us a shout and we can explain in detail what we can do for you.