Gambling localization

What is gambling localization? At All-In Translations, we describe it as localization of gambling-related material from one language to another, performed by professional linguists with a true enthusiasm for casino games, poker, sports betting, bingo and similar.

In our opinion, this is the only way you can take a safe bet with gambling localization, as you never know if the end result will be of a high standard if you use translators who are either unfit for professional linguistic tasks, or don’t have a proper understanding of all types of gambling jargon.

Gambling, gaming or iGaming localization?

We usually try to avoid the term ‘gambling localization’ as the rest of the gaming industry prefers the terms iGaming localization or gaming localization. However, since most of the games our own localization service providers specialize in are based on the wagering of money, we might as well include ‘gambling localization’ in our service portfolio.
Subject expertise is probably the best reason for choosing All-In Translations for your gambling localization, but we can think of a few more good reasons as well.

Three reasons to choose All-In Translations

  1. Fast turnaround time. We can usually deliver about 1500 localized words in 24 hours.
  2. We mentioned subject expertise leading to high quality. But what does high-quality gambling localization do for you as a client? No re-work, and effective communication of your brand and games.
  3. Flexibility, problem solving and responsiveness. Our only focal point has been gambling localization since our start-up in 2008, so we have gained lots of experience and learned how to keep clients happy when they buy gambling localization. Key to their satisfaction is our flexibility (excellent level of service), problem-solving skills (we have probably faced similar problems before) and responsiveness (fast reply to your requests).

Playtech, Williams Interactive, Tipico, Neogames and CasinoEuro are among the operators which choose All-In Translations for their gambling localization.

A few recommendations

In order to get the best end result from your gambling localization we have a few recommendations related to the work flow.

  1. Provide as much context as possible when you send over your source texts.
  2. Fill in these stylistic preferences so that we can tailor the localization of your brands according to the desired style and the sought-after target group.
  3. Allow us to post-edit the localization after you have uploaded the languages to your website, game, etc. This way our gambling localization professionals can see their work in its full context, which enables them to screen out any misunderstandings and optimize tone, accuracy and attractiveness. You can read more about our post-editing services.

Convinced? Click here to find out how you can get a free quote. Price is another good argument for choosing All-In Translations for gambling localization, and we are very confident you will be positively surprised the moment you’ll see the bottom line.