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Ticktack ticktack. The Gameweek 1 deadline is fast approaching for this season’s Fantasy Premier League and we have started (in Norway) to gather an overview of the leagues with added value. Now we need your help to find FPL betting value around the world.

By 20:00 CET tonight more than 5 million players will have registered their team on fantasy.premierleague.com hoping to show everyone just how brilliantly they can manage their fantasy team. Last season more than 7 million had registered in the end, but surely that record will be crushed again. Bragging rights is a major part of fantasy sports but as you may have picked up on – we do love a bit of a wager here at All-in Global as long as it’s responsible. Below you can see the tournaments we have found so far with overlay and added prizes.

Did you know that players from 252 countries signed up for the official Fantasy Premier League game last year? 427 152 of them came from Egypt. Did I mention we do localization and writing of gaming content? Arabic is one of the 80+ languages on offer. More about this in another blog post next week.

Season Bets on Fantasy Betting sites

Fantasybet.com seems to focus mainly on short-term punters with a large variety of tournaments that lasts for one game, one day, or one round, with stakes up to €22 per entry. They do have a few outright leagues but only one with a guaranteed prize pool – namely the Fantasy Divisions league which costs €5.50 and has £50,000 guaranteed. So far 1682 people have signed up (noon Friday) which represents a massive overlay at this point. Numbers will rise as the deadline approaches, but we feel certain that there will be good value here.

FanTeam.com is on the platform of Scout Gaming Group and seems to be a better option for entries that last all season. They have one league with a €2625 entry where there is a cap of 50 players. Only three players had signed up at noon Friday but there is no guaranteed prize pool for this one. For the €535 entry, only 4 players (of 100) had signed up which represents a great overlay now with €5K guaranteed. This is all a bit steep for us, but the €25 tournament with €250.000 guaranteed is very tempting. 7041 players (of 12000 max) had signed up and we expect an overlay here as well, although numbers will probably continue to rise throughout the day.

Fantasy Premier League (FPL) team screenshot

Sponsored Prize Pools in Private Leagues (Norway)

A lot of the clients of All-in Global are sportsbooks (we sell language services for the gaming industry), and this year it seems to be a market trend for them to sponsor fantasy leagues with extra money or prizes to anyone that signs up and makes a deposit or places a bet on their site. We don’t have the full overview, and we have only focused on Norway, but below you can see what we have found so far. I am sure fantasy players from around the world would appreciate a comment if you have found some cool tournaments with added value in other countries.

Unibet Fantasy League has placed 500 000 NOK extra in the pot which is divided into prizes monthly, halfway, and at the end of the season. This is up for grabs for anyone who has placed a bet of at least 100 NOK in the month in question with a Unibet account registered on a Norwegian address. The code to enter the league is 22vkai.

Guts are hosting what they call the Norwegian Fantasy Championship where you pay 300 NOK or 1000 NOK (highroller version) to a private account to enter, and where Guts have placed 50 000 NOK extra in the pot for monthly and outright prizes. You need to place a bet of minimum 100 NOK on Guts before August 23 in order to be eligible. League codes are esst16 and nopq88. More info on their Facebook group here.

Rizk has an identical set-up and rules (both companies are under Gaming Innovation Group) but on Rizk, there is 250 000 NOK added instead of 50 000 NOK. You also get a good bonus on your first deposit but we recommend that you read the terms and conditions before placing bets as there are specific criteria you need to fulfill before being able to cash out the bonus, like wagering requirements and placing bets with a certain minimum odds. This goes for all betting bonuses, really. League code xknyv2.

All-in Global will hand out some seriously cool freebies to whoever can beat our owner and Events Guy Roy Pedersen (team name FPLOL.COM). League code iiz1v9.

Which leagues have added value in your country?

All-in Global, Language Solutions You Can Bet On

SiGMA Fantasy Cup Podcast

We won’t lie, we are nerds about fantasy and a day hasn’t gone by during the last week where we did not listen to a fantasy podcast. I think the FPL team is set by now and we are hoping to avoid any last-minute panic moves. We like planning ahead, and one of the big events on our fantasy calendar is SiGMA Fantasy Cup at the end of November. SiGMA is one of the biggest annual events in the gaming industry, and All-in Global will host the SiGMA Cup for the 4th time this year – a five-a-side football tournament slash networking event for gaming companies.

Last year we created a fantasy league in connection with SiGMA Cup and Scout Gaming Group where you could select a team of your favourite football playing colleagues. You can read more about that in an article in the Sportsbetting Community called How the beautiful digital game came to life at SiGMA. Email roy@all-in.global to take part in the fantasy league or the football tournament this year (or both).

SiGMA Fantasy Cup screenshot

During last year’s SiGMA Cup we also hosted a discussion panel about football in esports and fantasy betting, moderated by Tal Ron. You can listen to the recording on Soundcloud here (30 minutes). The panel was filled with some of the brightest minds in the industry, including our own CEO Tiago “Silva” Aprigio.

All-in Global Podcast Soundcloud Screeshot

Here you can read an interview with our CCO Michele Spiteri about her incredible journey in the gaming industry where she admits having signed up with DraftKings.


All-in Global’s Fantasy Football Glossary

English Description
Lobby Is the place where you find all available games you can participate in.
Guaranteed Tournaments A form of game where a big of amount of players participate in and the amount of prizes is guaranteed.
Head to Head The form of game where you only play against one opponent
50/50 Also known as double or nothing. If you are in the top fifty percent you are doubling your money.
First Deposit Bonus The bonus you can participate in when you are depositing the first time.
Promotions All activities a fantasy sport sites undertakes to make the games even more attractive. Promotions can be: Bonuses, added value to contests, rakeback, VIP-Program, Refer A friend program, etc.
Guaranteed Prize pool The minimum amount which you will play for.
Multi-entry A type of play where you can enter the contest more than once.
Freeroll Tournament type where you can win real money without using your own.
Refer a friend A promotion method where you can invite your friends and be rewarded for it. Usually in form of real money or VIP-Points.
Salary Cap The maximum amount you can spend on drafting your team.
Roster In other words, your fantasy sports team you drafted.
Payouts The distribution of prizes to all winners.

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