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It was recently confirmed that All-in Translations will once again host the official poker tournament of the ASEAN Gaming Summit in March.
The tournament is a freeroll for delegates attending the conference and we are now asking interested companies to sponsor some prizes to make things a bit more interesting. Last year we raised prizes worth more than $3000 and the aim is to match that amount this year.
European Gaming Events (formerly known as EEGEvents) confirmed last week that they will be sponsoring the prize pool with no less than three packages of great value, which means we are almost at the target already.
Prize 1 (worth $1600): 1 Seasonal ticket for a company representative which includes access to 5 European Gaming Events in 2018.

Prague Gaming Summit – 29.03.2018
Mare Balticum Gaming Summit – 08.05.2018
Vienna International Gaming Expo – 31.05.2018
Central and Eastern European Gaming Congress – 25.09.2018
European Gaming Congress – October 2018

The ticket includes access to the conference/seminar, complimentary lunch, access to all networking sessions.

Prize 2 (worth $550): Tickets for 2 European Gaming Events in 2018 for a company representative. 
The winner can choose from the above list of events.
European Gaming Events (formerly known as EEGEvents) is a sub-division of European Gaming Media and is in charge of organizing boutique gaming events in the European Union.
Founded in 2007 as a company which encouraged branding and marketing via personalized t-shirts. The early days of the company focused on helping clients increase their visibility at live events and encouraged out of the box thinking for individual clients.
The first move towards the gambling industry started in 2009 when the company launched their first affiliate websites which focused on poker room reviews.
In 2012 the company has developed their first football statistics website which calculated H2H compares for upcoming matches in the European football leagues. The website was later sold and continued development under a different brand by one of the leading sports betting affiliate in the UK.
January 13, 2015 was a game changer for thecompany as they have moved from the affiliate industry to a different sector and ventured in online news publishing for the B2B sector of the online and land based gambling industry in Eastern Europe. Eastern European Gaming (EEGaming.org) became the most read source of information in the industry when searching for compliance updates, interviews and updates from Eastern and Central Europe.
Since 2015, the company has implemented a printed magazine, an affiliate forum and an online radio to distribute content and started organizing boutique style gaming events in Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Riga and Ljubljana
Starting 2018, the company has initiated a re-branding phase as part of their expansion which will increase the visibility of their brands in the industry while also increasing the volume of regions they cover. Additionally to the European gaming environment news coverage, the team has started including news from Non-EU countries where their audience can invest or learn more about compliance and market status.
Special features such as a dedicated social media platform and premium content will also be implement in the first half of 2018 as we are gearing up to create the ultimate platform for online and land based gaming industry.
To view the full list of products and services, visit their Organization description here.
Prize 3 (worth $900): Featured radio spot for 3 months and interview on iGaming Radio

The player who wins this gets the opportunity to present the company with a radio spot which will be streamed during peak hours on iGamingRadio.comThe radio spot can be created by the representative’s team or by the team at the first online radio dedicated exclusively for the b2b sector of the online gambling industry. A selected representative will also get the chance to take part in the Innovation Talks monthly show and discuss the latest innovation in the industry.

iGaming Radio is the first online radio streaming gaming related news exclusively through daily shows, interviews and press releases. The aim of the station is to keep its audience connected 24/7 with the online gaming industry by playing awesome music and serving the news first hand.

A thousand thanks to Zoltan Tundik, European Gaming Media and Events and iGamingRadio!  
WANT TO SPONSOR THE PRIZE POOL? EMAIL roy@allintranslations.com

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