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A sportsbook is a place where people can wager on the outcome of sports events, while a sports book is… you already guessed it: a book whose subject deals with sports.
At All-In Translations, we dream about writing bestselling sports books, but until our indubitable talents are discovered or we get enough time to publish our own works, we are focusing on writing content for online sportsbooks.
What needs to be said here is that we have gathered an exceptional team of savvy sports writers and we are proud to say that this team includes sportsbook content writers who:

  • are official content writers for FIFA,
  • are the writers of the official website of Brazilian football legend Zico,
  • have published hundreds of articles in the 2nd biggest online newspaper in Norway,
  • have been official content writers for several Olympic Games
  • and much more.

For your amusement, we asked some of our most profiled sportsbook content writers two questions.
1: What is their favourite sports book?
2: Can they describe a sports book they would like to see published?

Below are their answers.
Per Hertz – Swedish Language Manager at All-In Translations:

1: For some reason I haven’t yet read Sir Alex Ferguson’s latest biography Alex Ferguson: My autobiography, but the one written by Patrick Barcley, Football Bloody Hell, is definitely my favourite as of today. Fantastic football coach, brilliant soul.

2: I’d like to read the true story behind Lionel Messi’s success, uncensored, about how it all started; what happened behind the scenes in Barcelona the first years? What type of dietary supplements did they give him? And does that fact has anything to do with him becoming the best footballer of all times? 🙂
Our Spanish Language Manager:
1: My favourite sports book ever is ‘Soccer in Sun and Shadow’ by Eduardo Galeano. It is a very entertaining and moving collection of World Cup anecdotes, peppered with Galeano’s own observations on the game.
2: I would definitely buy a book about the biggest cheats in sports history. It would surely mention the story of the Spanish basketball team who pretended to be mentally handicapped to win Paralympic gold in Sydney 2000.
You can see a short documentary about the “incident” here.

It might be politically incorrect, but when seeing this we cannot help remembering the South Park episode where Eric Cartman cheats his way into the Special Olympics, with the goal of winning the $1000 cash prize, only to find himself failing to beat the more legit contestants.

Moving on to more important matters…
Danish sportsbook content writer at All-In Translations:
1: I strongly recommend ‘Anpfiff’ or ‘Kickoff’, an autobiography by legendary German lunatic goalkeeper, Harald “Toni” Schumacher. The Germans honesty in the book about the usage of doping in professional football resulted in him being excluded from the German National Team and his German club F.C Cologne.
2: In the sports world I would love to see some more writing about the martial arts heroes of our time, the MMA fighters, who seem to be stealing the lime light from professional boxing these days. The world of MMA has plenty of characters that could make up the content of some interesting reads. Let us see it happen.
Roy Pedersen – CEO and Chief Editor at All-In Translations, former Norwegian sports journalist:
1: My favourite footballer of all time is Erik Mykland. Truth be told, he is so awesome that my wife and I recently named our first born after him. Only one book has been written about Erik Mykland, and it is not brilliant, but it is still the sports book I enjoyed the most out of all the sports books I have ever read. Unfortunately it has only been published in Norwegian.
Mykland, or ‘The Mosquito’ as we call him in Norway, had a controversial career. I don’t support all of his choices, far from it, but his efficient movement off the ball, his silky soft touch on the ball, and last but not least, his bohemian approach to life in general has a strong appeal to me.
2: I would like to see a biography of Norwegian footballer Daniel Braaten. He is, however, probably too lazy to even consider writing it. So if you read this Daniel, I would be happy to write it for you if you can give me some interviews along the way.

All-In Translations – push it to the limit.
And before I forget, what is your favourite sports book?
For the record we should also mention that Tipico and PlanetWin365 are our favourite sportsbooks.