Social game translation

For a number of years, the only language used for game play and game instructions, in any given social game, was English. It took a while before the big social games companies reached out for translation and localization services, although this is common practice for other genres in online gaming.

Is this going to be the norm in the social gaming industry in a couple of years from now? Time will tell. But recent events seem to be pointing in that direction.

Success with social games translation

Social games were preceded by massively multiplier online games (MMOGs) and these are available in many languages. One of the most popular MMOGs in the world is Travian Games’ strategy game Travian. It has been online since June 2004 and has won multiple awards through the years (2005 Prize for innovation in Browser games, 2011 Browser game of the Year and more). Travian is translated into 40 languages.

All-in Translations has been Travian Games translations provider in Polish, Russian, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, Dutch, Urdu and Arabic since 2011. Games we have translated for Travian Games include Goalunited, Battlemons, Eredan, Miramagia and Wewaii.

They seem to be very satisfied with our work, because this is what their marketing team had to say:
No matter when and which language, All-In Translations is a reliable partner. They have the sensibility we need by translating our content and we enjoy the professional and efficient communication … Working with All-In Translations is very flexible, since there are no minimum fees and everything can be handled by simple emails.

Social games on Facebook are often translated

Social games, officially known as social network games (SNGs), are the newest genre of online gaming and it emerged from MMOGs. What mainly differentiates the two is the gaming platform.
SNGs are played on social network website, such as Facebook, whereas MMOGs are accessed through a dedicated website. MMOGs are usually available in many languages, and SNGs are now following the same route. The results seem promising.
Zynga, the industry colossus and market leader, presents the biggest success story. The top game of Zynga is CityVille and it’s the company’s first game available in multiple languages. CityVille was launched in December 2010 and it rapidly reached the most monthly active users for an application ever on Facebook.
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