Social game content

With over 211,000,000 social games available in the market it might be difficult to stand out from the crowd. Unless if you come with a great social gaming product. A major attribute to this is the good flow of static and dynamic content, and this is where All-in Translations enters the scene.
At All-in Translations, we employ professional social gaming writers in 60+ languages who love games and social networks. All our writers are rigorously chosen based on four crucial skills: passion, familiarity, industry experience, writing ability. They will collaborate with your developers to articulate the vision of your game through words.

Here’s a testimonial from Benjamin N., Director of Bingoguide.dk, who hired our writers to deliver a series of bingo articles in Danish:
The articles delivered to our bingo blog by All-In Translations is perfect for us. It is written superbly, and we love the humour.

What makes a good social game

It is quite often argued that social games are not games at all. The graphics are of low quality, the user interfaces are intuitive or cluttered, the different quests and battles only require repetitive clicks, and there is no particular game objective that will lead the player to a resolution of the game. Social games have no ending.

But this debate doesn’t matter. What matters is that the mainstream players love them and in return, social games are highly profitable for the gaming companies. What these gaming products sell is actually not the basic gameplay but an on-going service that’s based on fresh content. According to industry experts, what makes a good social game are theme familiarity, valuable incentives and fresh content. These attributes are communicated to the players through the vehicles of graphics, music and language.
A social game or in other words a game-as-a-service, provides endless additional content to the players and builds solid communities. This additional content comes in the shape of incentives such as free bonuses, new items releases, special happenings and events, new bonus levels and more. Constant flow of fresh content acts as a guarantee for dedicated players that there is always something new to do in the game.
Thus, it can be argued that a great social gaming product requires people with writing skills of the highest quality to work on it. In fact, there is a growing demand for creative writers in the online gaming industry. All-in Translations can help you achieve the goal of developing a successful social game. We can provide you with top notch social gaming content tailored to your needs. We have the knowledge, we have the passion, and we have the right people in.

Social gaming writing that we can do for you

The game designer is usually responsible for the overall game narrative and objectives, but additional writers are often needed to complete the writing requirements. We can help you with your static and dynamic content material needs in the following categories:

  • Game description
  • Plot, Setting, and Character Development
  • In-game texts: character dialogue, descriptive text
  • Storyboards and Scripts
  • Articles, reviews, press releases, newsletters, banners, blog posts
  • Content for social network communities