Slot machine localization

What is the difference between translation and localization? When using slot machines as an example, one could say the difference is practically non-existent, but this is a truth with modifications. Allow us to explain.

According to Wikipedia, language localization differs from translation activity because it involves a comprehensive study of the target culture in order to correctly adapt the product to local needs. In our experience, this is just a tagline used by many translators and translation companies in order to push the price higher compared to what they would charge for “normal translation”.

Game translations

Slot machine localization vs. translation

The localization process is most generally related to the cultural adaptation and translation of software, video games, and websites, including slot machines, and since this is pretty much the only thing we have been doing since our start-up in Malta in 2008, we have never distinguished between translation and localization when it comes to price.

We have, however, referred to ourselves as a translation provider more than a localization provider, but this is simply because translation is an easier term to understand. Slot machine providers contact us because of our linguistic expertise, and we do not expect all of them to have a deep understanding of the different terms used in the language services industry.

Another reason why we have been using the translation term more frequently than the localization term is also the fact that we feel the localization term is a bit surplus to requirements. Why? Because we only use highly proficient native speakers who are professional translators.

It goes without saying that all these individuals have deep familiarity with and knowledge about the culture of the target languages. This actually captures pretty well the substance of their routine and we admit that we prefer translators who are based in the country of their native language.

Slot machine localization preferences

Slot machine themes are often based on classic or modern cultural phenomena. In order to localize a slot machine game in an accurate and attractive way, it is crucial that the localization professional has a cultural proximity to their audience.

This is best solved by hiring native speakers who know exactly what their countrymen would prefer in terms of style and tone. At All-in Global, we only hire native-speaking professionals with passion and knowledge about the sectors we specialise in, which means they will “speak” to your leads in a language they can relate to.

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