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Poker translation from English to Norwegian for PokerStars – which is the world’s largest online poker provider – was the first assignment for All-in Global back in the days when the company was a one-man band.

It would be interesting to know exactly how many poker sites we have been translated since our cradle days, but let us just ballpark for now – a lot! One of our biggest achievements came in 2010, when we became the official poker translation provider in 28 languages for iPoker – which is currently ranked as the 3rd largest online card room in the world. This poker platform is owned by the giant Playtech, a recurrent client of All-in Global for whom we had completed lots of multilingual translation projects that range from casino games to bingo games to mobile games and more. Now all our language services are available in more than 70 languages.

Poker localisation

So what exactly is poker translation?

If you are reading this article, you probably understand perfectly well what we mean when we say we are working with poker translation. However, we do get questions like these from people outside the poker industry:

“When you say you work with gaming translations and poker translations would you mind elaborating? What does that mean exactly?”
Sometimes we cannot help ourselves, and the reply can sound a little bit like this:

“It’s much easier than it sounds! We just copy a text into Google translate, and after the language has been automatically detected, we select what language we want to translate it into. Then we press ‘TRANSLATE’. It gives a great return of investment”.

“No, not really”.

Some people also assume that the essence of our poker translation service is to translate the conversation between online poker players in the chat. This is also a highly inaccurate assumption, but it would be an interesting project, we’re sure.

As a matter of fact, we are probably the only multi-language translation provider in the world that could accurately translate a typical chat between online poker players. Why? Because all our translators have extensive experience with poker themselves and would easily understand what was being said.

  • Player A: “You fish, how can you call with rags like that. Luckbox! #¤%/&%()&=&(=%¤”.
  • Player B: “I put you on a draw, and look who’s talking. You’ve been a calling station all day”.
  • Player A: “GL DONK ;)”.

This would be a typical example of a reaction after a bad beat. Player A went in with a better hand, but lost the pot, and took his frustration out in the chat. Player B defends his call by claiming he thought that player A had a draw (usually one card away from a flush or a straight), which would have put player B in front. Player B was obviously wrong, but got lucky with the remaining cards and eliminated player A from the tournament. Player A then enters a last comment which can be interpreted either as sarcastic or genuine. GL means ‘good luck,’ but we can’t be sure if he is sincere in saying that. It is, however, evident that player A thinks player B is a bad poker player since ‘donk’ is poker terminology for exactly that.
Obviously, it is not essential to understand everything being said in poker chats across the Internet. But answer this:

Who do you think would be capable of delivering a poker translation that would represent your company in a professional way and, at the same time, convey the author’s message in a way that is appealing and with no room for misunderstandings?

  1. A professional translator with no poker experience
  2. A person who knows about poker but has no translation experience
  3. A professional translator with excellent poker experience, both on a personal and professional level.

It goes without saying that All-in Global represent alternative C. This is probably why we were chosen as the poker translation provider when Danske Spil, the national gaming company in Denmark, added online poker to their portfolio.

They wanted to teach the Danes about poker strategy, and this was done through a series of videos originally presented for PartyPoker by Kara Scott, but in this case translated into Danish and presented by Pernille Ravn. All-in Global translated the script, and Danske Spil was happy with the result.

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