iGaming translation

A quick look at the translation provider section in the iGaming Business catalogue will reveal a nice example showcasing the fact that no other translation agency than All-In Translations has such a wide selection of languages and so much passion for iGaming.

Other companies might have bigger offices and a broader range of subjects they specialize in, but none of these companies, at least none among the ones that bought media coverage in the translation section of the iGaming Business catalogue 2013, mentioned gaming or iGaming translation with a single word.

iGaming Business is the biggest publishing company within the iGaming sector. They also host events like ICE in London where All-In Translations is a regular attendee. In 2014, we were at the stand S13- 164, where we crowned the best FIFA 14 player in iGaming.

iGaming translation as a niche

The iGaming industry is also a lucrative environment for translation companies. This is why many of the large translation companies also invest money in directing marketing towards iGaming translation. In order to sell services, one has to be advertised to the public, and by purchasing media coverage in iGaming publications etc. many translation companies have successfully sold translation services to iGaming companies.

To be sure, many of these companies can do a good enough job, but if they do not specialize in iGaming translation, or if they mention iGaming translation among hundreds of other subjects, we would not bet that the translators working with their iGaming material have a proper understanding of casino games, poker, sports betting, roulette, bingo, etc.

Passion for iGaming as a translation subject

At All-In Translations we have been very clear about our niche since the beginning. Our number one area of expertise is games on the Internet-where wagering of money is involved, e.g. casino, poker, sports betting, bingo, lottery and more known in a bulk as iGaming.
If you read our company history, which just happens to be displayed as a Donkey Kong game, you will understand why iGaming became the major subject of translation for the people behind All-In Translations. It could have been travel, it could have been sports, which are also subjects we have a great deal of passion for, but after some market research we saw a clear need and a huge opportunity for iGaming specialized translation. All-In Translations is now the market leading provider of exactly that, especially in Malta, which is Europe’s gambling hub.