Gaming Software localization

At All-In Translations, we localize gaming content for several types of iGaming companies, including affiliates, other gaming – specialized service providers, betting sites and gaming platforms. On top of the food chain are the gaming software developers, and we have already plenty of experience in this area as well.

The biggest gaming software developers currently sending us texts for localization is Williams Interactive. The products of this Chicago-based slot machine developer extend from the Play4Fun Network™, and include fully online-managed casino solutions powered by the best slots and casino games available online.

Post-editing in gaming software localization

There are, of course, many keys to the success of Williams Interactive but, from the point of view of All-In Translations, their main key seems to be thoroughness. The heads of operations approached us in early 2012, after we were recommended to them by someone influential in the iGaming industry.
Williams Interactive wanted a localization provider with hands-on expertise of slot machine software localization, since they were about to localize the content of more than 100 online slot machines into several languages.

A glance at our client portfolio and client testimonials quickly established the fact that we have more slot machine experience than any other localization provider. Combined with fast turnaround and reasonable prices, our offer looked the best and Williams Interactive were easily convinced.

During the initial set-up, we suggested a workflow that included post-editing of the user interface of each slot machine software, which sat well with their representatives. Basically, post-editing means that we first translate the game using text files, before having the translators actually play all the different slot machines when editing. It takes time and great effort, but the benefits of seeing the user interface in its full context is crucial when providing accurate gaming software localization.

The result is a natural flow in the texts through all the different languages, without misunderstandings due to “calculated guessing”.

Awkward localization mistakes

Here’s an example. When one of your contacts on Skype has his or her birthday, you get a notification saying the age they’ve reached. The notification will say e.g. “Gus Hansen turned 45” and this works as a nice reminder.

But in the Norwegian version of Skype, the translation of “has turned 45” is translated as “has turned around 45”, as in “has turned around 180 degrees 45 years”. This is merely speculation, but the obvious blunder here is that the translator did not see the software in full context when localizing. And when the word “turn” stands alone without any context, the logical translation in Norwegian means “turn around” in English.
We could go on and on with similar examples, but the point here is that once you make post-editing a stage in your game software localization workflow, you will never have misleading translations – as long as the translators have a good understanding of the subject.
At All-In Translations, we have translators in more than 60+ languages with excellent subject expertise of gaming software localization. We also have project managers with linguist degrees.
The result of this combination is more accurate gaming localization than any other provider on the market, which is why providers like Williams Interactive, Playtech, NeoGames and many others, keep coming back for more.