Gambling content

Gambling has been popular throughout most countries of the world for centuries. The games that we now refer to as casino games, such as roulette, blackjack and baccarat, were among the first to be played and staked on and are thought to have originated from Europe and China. Betting on horse racing has also been popular for centuries and, like casino games, is still popular today. Nowadays people can choose to gamble on a multitude of different markets and there are various ways to place their bets. For example, Bingo players can visit their local bingo hall to bet and horse racing enthusiasts can go to their local track to place their bets. However, the most popular way to bet in today’s modern world is online.
Online gambling first became available almost 20 years ago when the internet was starting to become popular and more importantly, suitable payment gateways were created to accept the bets placed online. In the 1990’s online gaming exploded and by 2008 online gambling revenue was estimated to be around at $21 Billion and this figure is continuing to grow. With an ever growing amount of customers looking to place bets online there has been a steady growth in gaming companies hoping to get these customers to bet with them. When a market is as saturated as the online gaming industry websites need to make sure that they stand out if they want to get customers and the best way to attract customers is to provide high quality gambling content. All-In Translations can help!

Why is gambling content so important?

Online search engines, such as Google, scour the millions of websites that are online when someone searches for a specific thing. For example, when someone searches Google for horse racing the search engine looks for the key words ‘horse racing’ as well as other related words and it only does this through unique content. This means that if your website provides high quality, keyword rich gambling content then your website is more likely to rank high in the Google rankings, meaning customers are more likely to click on your website. Once you have got a customer to visit your website, you need to make sure that your gambling content is interesting and relevant to them so they do not get bored or get the wrong impression of your site and go elsewhere. Providing the gambling content in the customers own language is also important factor in helping customers convert.

All-In Translations can expertly provide gambling content in a number of different languages, which will have customers flocking to your website. Our team is exclusively made up of native speakers from various countries across the world. The All-In Translations team are based in Malta, which is a hub for online gaming companies, and we have vast experience of working with many of these companies, big and small.

Why All-In Translations for your gambling content?

All-In Translations have been working in the gambling industry for almost eight years now and each member of the team has extensive experience in this field. We have provided, and continue to provide, quality gambling content for lots of companies that operate within this industry. Our multinational team can not only provide outstanding gambling content for your website, but can also translate the articles into several different languages, meaning that your website can reach a worldwide audience.