Document translation

Since the beginning of All-In Translations, we have never really distinguished between translation and localization. We valued flexibility higher than sharp distinctions, and generally gave the same low price per word no matter how complex the format of the source text document was.

We have kept the same low price for more complex projects, but now All-In can offer an even lower price for projects that can be classified as ‘document translation’.

When is a project considered as document translation?

A project is categorized as document translation when the following six criteria are met:

  1. The source text is delivered in an easy format (Word, Excel, etc.)
  2. The text is not divided into small segments/words
  3. There are no instructions in the actual source document
  4. There is a minimal need to do terminology research, and the source text is easy to understand
  5. No additional context is needed
  6. The document translation is not very marketing oriented, meaning we would have to “re-write” and localize in order to make the text work well in other languages than the source text.
  7. It is not an urgent project

Why distinguish document translation?

The reason why we are introducing a clear distinction between translation projects and other projects is this: When the above criteria are met, there is a minimal need for project management from our side, and we can offer a lower rate per word.
We’ve been dealing with very complex projects where the research and formatting involved is often more time-consuming than the actual translation job, so we want to reward our customers for making things easy for us. We would not recommend this type of translation for many projects, but if you have some content which is very straightforward, with no need for detailed instruction or formatting, document translation is without a doubt a more affordable option.
Press ‘Request a quote’ (orange button top right) and submit your project to see if it qualifies. If not, we will still be able to provide an excellent offer, but we might categorize the project as something else than document translation.