Betting translation

You don’t have to be an expert in betting translation to figure out the meaning of difficult sports betting terms. The only thing you would need is access to the Internet and minimal knowledge of terminology research, or access to a friend who is knowledgeable on the subject of sports betting.

However, just because the Internet or a friend can tell you that a ‘parlay’ is not only a term used by pirates to save them from walking the plank, but also a sports betting term used to describe the action when a bet and its winnings are wagered again on a subsequent event, this does not mean that a translator who lacks an interest in betting is capable of providing precise betting translation.

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Betting translation | All-in Global

Our wide and long experience in betting translation has taught us just the opposite: In order to deliver an accurate, professional and attractive betting translation in which the message of the gaming company is conveyed exactly in the way it was intended, the source text needs to be translated by a translator who is as knowledgeable and passionate about sports and sports betting as anyone from within the industry. Also the betting translator needs to know the stylistic preferences of the client, which is why we have tailored a questionnaire in which we inquire about the demographics of a client’s target group as well as the requested style, tone, and other specifics of their brand.

Betting translation and costly mistakes

Let us say we are dealing with the translation of a newsletter which presents a campaign in which the player can win a trip to the World Cup (that took place) in Brazil in 2014. If the player is reading the translated newsletter, you have already gained their attention. At this point, your aim is probably to ensure that the customer continues to read for long enough to act, e.g. to click a certain place to find your World Cup qualification odds. There are many ways to achieve attention, but usually it will not last for long, so a precise and attractive translation is definitely a must.

Our aim is to take care of your betting translations in a manner that makes the translation sound like a well-written text – not like a translation. We have several methods up our sleeve in order to succeed with this, e.g. we translate meanings instead of words and we translate paragraph by paragraph rather than word by word. However, the most important aspect cannot be considered a method, but more like a feeling – what Germans call Sprachgefühl, an intuitive understanding of both the language and the message which the author is trying to convey.

Our opinion is that this opportune feeling cannot be obtained and developed without a true and constant passion for betting on the translator’s side. What is also helpful is for the translator to have a clear understanding of sportsbooks and betting, as there are few subjects in gaming where minor misunderstandings and mistranslations can have more serious consequences. We have invested in the most sophisticated tools on the market in order to avoid any mistranslations, and these tools allow us to create and maintain term bases and translation memories which drastically increase the level of consistency.

Successful sportsbook translations

Over the years, we have translated many a sportsbook and received the best feedback possible. Some of our clients include industry giants like Betsson, Tipico and Bet24, and one of our latest betting translation projects was for a website called Betdog.eu which is an accounting and analysing tool for professional sports betters.

Founder of Betdog and experienced bookmaker Stian Flage gave this testimonial after receiving from us Swedish, German, Spanish and French betting translations for his betting project:
“We chose All-In Translations because we know they have translators who know the sports betting terminology. For our website that was an absolute must.”
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