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In the world of affiliate marketing, earning your commission is the name of the game. But it all starts with knowing how to really raise customer awareness of a brand’s product or service. A high-quality promotion will always make the difference between the customer “going one step further,” or leaving. It is also how you will make your way into the emerging markets and into new geographical locations.
The iGaming industry is growing rapidly, with new challenges and hunting grounds popping up all the time. Big operators out there are exploring new horizons and are looking for the best opportunities on different continents. Keeping up with their business and adapting the marketing kit is essential for affiliates. And this is where a consistent, careful and professional language strategy comes into the picture.

Why a multilingual website?


As an iGaming affiliate, it is important for you to:

  • reach foreign markets with ease, which will increase your international traffic, and boost your commission
  • take a global, multinational approach to advertising online games
  • provide what competition doesn’t usually offer
  • set up your site to accommodate a variety of search engines (Think about China’s Baidu and Russia’s Yandex, the largest search engines in their countries.)

We believe that at the centre of all this is the choice to become multilingual. More languages means more people can understand your content and read it. And, of course, more people means potentially more clicks on your affiliate links. But this choice works also beyond capturing new visitors and immediate profit. It creates a trustworthy profile and it demonstrates you are thinking about the linguistic comfort of all players.

Why All-In for affiliate website translations?


Now, if you decide to translate your iGaming affiliate website properly, it’s very important to know a thing or two about the right way to do this.
Firstly, you want to be sure that the translators are native in the destination languages as well as fluent in the language they are translating from. Secondly, they must have proven experience as translators. Amateurs are to be avoided when the stakes are high. Last but not least, the translators you’re using must be deeply familiar with the gambling industry. Remember that poor quality or inaccurate translations can cost you clicks in just seconds.
At All-In Translations, we know exactly how a professional, multilingual website should look. Not only do we care about language quality, but we are also perfectionists when it comes to speaking your iGaming language. Our team of experts are here to improve your affiliate marketing with quick and proficient work. From localization of your casino reviews to translations of advertising material (60+ languages), we take pride in providing you with a truly global online presence. HallofGaming and Casinolisten – to name two of our clients – took a safe bet with All-In.
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Affiliate Website translation | All-in Global
Affiliate Website translation | All-in Global